Monday, April 01, 2013

Let's get started

So what do you do first? Share a portion of the dialog you have had with the person to whom you are witnessing, especially where the sledding gets tough or stuck. Other things to share include: the first thing the person said themes that continue to emerge in the conversation what does the person keep on repeating when did the person change the subject when did the person become more animated what were some of your responses at key points in the conversation Let's start with these clues. There are more and we will add them as we progress or submissions bring them to the forefront. Blessings!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Invitation to Listen to the Lost

I want to change the direction of this blog a bit and invite my colleagues and friends and those they touch to bring their witnessing conversations to this blog community so that together we can help each other be used by God to lead that person to His saving grace. Using the model of Story Listening I have outlined in previous posts, we can listen over each others' shoulders to the conversations we are having with those God has put in our paths. The key rule to guide us is to always keep the names and identities anonymous of those we are witnessing to and sharing in this blog. I will plan to check the blog daily for entries and give my observations as soon as I have gained insight. I invite you to do the same as we share this help in Christian love. Looking forward to the journey with you.