Sunday, February 18, 2007

Where Do You Wear Your Faith?

I read about a Gallup Poll in the Baptist Standard this past week that says Americans want less religion in the public arena. And rightly so for those who wear their faith as a chip on their shoulder or a badge over their heart, daring people to disagree with them or thumping their truth in others' faces!

Where do you wear your faith? Is it under your hat, to be pulled out as a trick when you need to surprise and awe someone? Or do you wear it in your pocket and occasionally touch it when you are reaching for something else?

Seems like the respondents to the Gallup Poll want to wear their faith on their underwear. I say that because in days gone by skivvies were sometimes called unmentionables. That way a person would keep silent about their faith. Out of sight, out of mind. Kind of reminds me of the best definition I ever heard of an atheist: someone who doesn't want you messing with their beliefs.

Jesus said genuine faith can't be silenced--the very rocks will cry out, if no one speaks up!

In Story Listening Evangelism (SLE), a witness wears his or her faith in the very fabric of their being. Obeying Scriptures, the witness is alert for opportunities to share faith, "As they go,..."
Sounds a whole lot like the Great Commission, straight from the Greek participle that begins it, doesn't it? SLE equips witnesses to be instant in season--to be able to pick up on a lost person's cry for help even before the lost person is consciously aware of his or her need for salvation. And the SLE witness's faith does not get in the way of listening to the lost person.

Some businessmen in Alabama asked me when do they close the deal in SLE? I told them to trust the process. They insisted on a way to turn the witness into a decision to buy into the Kingdom. Although at the time I gave them some moves to direct the conversation toward commitment, I remain adamant that a witness can trust the process because it is God-ordained and God's Holy Spirit is the One who is drawing the person to Himself. We, as witnesses, remain instruments of His peace in the lives of those who need His great salvation.

The next time you get dressed or see yourself in a mirror, ask yourself: Where do I wear my faith? Wearing it in the very fabric of your life, you will be dressed for success, for the Kingdom's sake!

Next week I will share with you how to speak the same language of the person to whom you are witnessing. No translator needed!

Best wishes, as you go,...!


kimberlyaw1215 said...
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Kimberlyaw said...

One thing I think of when I think of all the years I wore my faith under my clothes is the lack of teaching in our churches. All the years I spent in Sunday School, I was never taught HOW to wear my faith on the outside. We concentrated so much on how to become a believer or what Jesus did while he was on earth (important, granted!), we didn't talk about what a mature Christian is like when he is out in the world. I sure hope things are changing in our modern day Sunday School classes.

Ernest said...

Thanks for your feedback. SLE is intended as a tool and resource so that we live and wear our faith in the very fabric of our being, modeling the Christian life and being instantly available, alert, and aware of those God places in our path.


Micah said...

A more accurate definition of atheist is one who lacks a belief in a god. Religious people could be mistaken for atheists by your definition.