Thursday, June 10, 2010

"I'm back!"

"I am back!" No those are not the words of Freddie Krueger or any other villain, rather my own words. I'm back to finish what I have been called to do--complete the manuscript and workshop development of Story Listening Evangelism. My hiatus was not planned. Health, burnout, and a radical change in employment within the Dallas Independent School District could all be blamed for time away from the subject. Susan Scott in Fierce Conversations says the person who can best describe the situation without blame will emerge as leader. Whether I can lead a reformation in how evangelism is done remains to be seen. What I can tell you is that blame is not the answer and my goal is to finish what has been given to me and I have not felt like I have been released from.

My dearest friend, Dr. John LaNoue, Sr., has committed to being my tor-mentor (Gregg Levoy's word in Callings) to keep me on track.

This column will be used to think out loud what has been in my heart and mind for years--that a lost person is crying out in their stories for salvation and that listening beleivers can be sued by God's Spirit to guide them to a saving encounter and the beginning of an eternal relationship with Him.

The goal, the end results will be a book about how Story Listening Evangelism works, hands on, working cognitive map of the process of Story Listening Evangelism, and workshops available to those who want to transform their calling to fulfill the Great Commission.

I am an old fogey enough to not be hip and up on all matters of social communication so this blog will probably be my all in all without Facebook or Twitter or other mode. That means I may let loose from listening and respond to what I have been listening to in the world and in the Kingdom. Perhaps then, I'll be heard for my yearning that the banquet table will be full as the Messiah convenes His crowning moment.

I hope you will share in this journey. I don't like feeling lonely and The Aurora Network is not a Lone Ranger Production.

I'll be listening for you as we engineer epiphanies along the way!


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