Thursday, June 10, 2010

"It's All about Listening"

In the past two days I have learned that two of the giants in my educational journey have been stricken with serious illnesses. After I recovered a bit over the initial shock of the ragged news, my thoughts turned to gratitude for their lives and how they touched my life. for the most part I do not remember the content of what they taught. What I do remember is that they listened to me. I was heard by my teachers. And that made all the difference!

That's what Story Listening Evangelism is all about--listening to lost people, hearing their stories, and mirroring their stories back to them so that the Spirit of God can draw them to Him. People, all people, lost people, people who have not met God or His Son yet, yearn to be heard. they yearn for their lostness to be heard. Our ears can become instruments of God's peace and salvation if we train them and tune them to hear the losts' cries for help contained in their words and stories.

I invite you to continue the journey with me as we launch this project to transform how we do evangelism. Start by listening to what the people who are around you now are saying. Listen for their story.

And I offer a tribute today to Andrew D. Lester and William E. Hull for their lives and the impact they have had in so many lives. Blessings on the journeys that lie ahead.

From a grateful student who was heard.

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