Monday, September 08, 2008

GPS Evangelism

Memorizing and sharing the Roman Road to a non-believer is like throwing a map at them and telling them to follow it exactly as it has been printed. While many people have come to faith over the years with the use of those Roman mile markers, today's lost people need a GPS system to find faith because there is a lot of traffic, wrecks, construction, roadblocks, and turns on the road to faith.

Story Listening Evangelism is such a GPS-based way to share faith. Story is the signal sent from God and the lost person to guide the witness along the Roman Road or whatever path you find yourself on with a lost person. Story Listening Evangelism, or SLE for short, is a toolbox of listening skills that are flexible and powerful as you adjust your spiritual conversation with the lost person based on what the lost person tells you in his or her stories. From there you will have the clues to guide them down the road on their journey to faith. If you get caught in traffic, their stories will let you know. The same with roadblocks or different turns and choices. With SLE you can adjust the course on a moment's notice. If you, as the witness, get lost on the road that the lost person is taking with you, the lost person's story, if you have built rapport will make a course correction, just like an air traffic controller, will get you back on track with the lost person.

If you are interested in stepping into the 21st century with your witnessing skills, contact me at for a PowerPoint introduction to SLE and an invitation to bring this cutting-edge tool for evangelism to your neck of the woods. I'll find you.

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