Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WIIFM? Part 2

What's in it for me? Story Listening Evangelism (SLE) is for you if you have been witnessing to someone for a long time and without success or if you have been witnessing to a family member or close friend to no apparent avail.

SLE helps you step back from all the encounters and begin to make sense of what has transpired as you hear the clues that have been there all along from the lost friend or family member's story.

SLE provides a refreshing way to untangle yourself from the arguments, side stories, and other issues that get in the way of long term witnessing. It helps you stay current by hearing what the lost person is struggling with now and over an extended period of time.

SLE also gives you assurance that God is at work in the lost person's life to reclaim him or her for the Kingdom's sake. I do not believe God pulls the rug out from under a person to whom he is self-revealing his wonderful story of redemption.

WIIFM? -- Hope, knowing God is at work, using you, your ears, and your heart, as instruments of his redemptive peace.

For more information on Story Listening Evangelism, e-mail me at I will send you a map of SLE. If you are interested in a workshop in your neck of the woods, tell me what you are looking for and I will custom design a training to fit your needs.


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