Tuesday, September 09, 2008


What's in it for me? I hear you. You are wondering what Story Listening Evangelism (SLE) can do for you. You are wondering if the training and focused listening is worth it. Is it effective? Is it biblical?

If you are a believer, SLE is biblical. It fulfills the Great Commission: As you go, make disciples.... You will hear words from lost people you would not have noticed before as God places them and their stories in your path.

If you thought evangelism is for someone else or the professionals, SLE is for you. SLE is not rocket science. You are already listening at a profound level at an unconscious level. Now you will be able to sharpen your conscious listening skills as well as your unconscious ones, too.

If you have never led a person to the Lord, SLE is for you. You don't have to argue, debate or have a vast systematic theological understanding of the Kingdom. You just need to listen. One of my dearest friends recently told me, "We are not going to win the world with systematic theology. God is not systematic." I beleive that because God is able to be sovereign God in each and every situation, no matter what our freedom of choice brings about.

If you are a pastor, SLE will not only boost your own witnessing efforts, it will revolutionize the ministry of your congregation. There will be a depth to service in the Kingdom not known before.

If you are someone who is seeking God, SLE is for you, especially. Help is on the way for you to be heard. God will send someone in your path to hear your cry for help and direct you to Him. I am confident of that.

WIIFM? Still asking? E-mail me at epizard@verizon.net and I will send you a PPT map of SLE. You can book a training for your group. Just let me know what your needs are.


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